About me

Hello and welcome on my website,
My name is Dennis Dijkman and I started D2 Engineering somewhere around the end of 2021.
From an early age on I've always been designing and building things.
Like many young boys I started building things with Lego's and Mecano. I also could spent hours designing my future home on paper.
As I got older the "toys" changed to real tools and I now have a pretty nice workshop.
Because my interest in making things is quite broad I've set up my workshop to accomodate for this.
In my workshop I can turn, mill and grind conventionally, but i can also rapid prototype with a couple of my 3D printers.
Many projects (including my own) also require electronics, for example to control servos, collect data, ects. So I've also allocated a little space to accommodate just that.
And nowadays every design starts in a CAD program so I've learned myself, and am pretty proficient, in the following CAD programs: Fusion360 and Solidworks.
The decision to start my own business came mainly because there is a demand for someone who can do "everything". Someone who can translate your idea into a CAD model, but ultimately also could manufacure it for you, with all the disciplines required to do so. Because i can manage the entire process from idea to product/prototype I'm able to give suitible advice on every step of the process and ultimately arrive at a nice end result.
                                                                                                                            IMG 4456
Please take a look at my portfolio to see the things I've designed and build. 
On Instagram you can see what I do and make in my spare time in the workshop.
If you think I'm the person who can help you realize a design/prototype pleas feel free to contact me via the contact form.
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